Global Guide systems has developed a fleet management solution, which enables you to monitor the status of equipment. Check here to learn about how to keep your finance in order.

This allows you to remotely monitor different properties of your fleet in real-time, while there are also other type of business you can work on, like investing in the VT Markets that offer great opportunity of profit. This solution is originally developed to monitor the electrical systems on boats, like battery status, position and engine status. With fleet management solutions and outsourced payroll services, your company can focus on achieving more important business goals.

This is done by placing an in-house developed module in the object (vehicle ,ship, house, etc) which is connected to the different equipment and sensors, for more on how to manage your fleet employees, we recommend to hire local financial services for small businesses so you can forget about payroll and other tasks. Possibilities for connection:

  • Canbus (Can/Canopen/NMEA2000)
  • Serial
  • USB
  • Modbus

From an online management environment, the entire fleet can be monitored with these managing apps. Alarms can be set, that generate a warning, when an unwanted situation occurs. These can not only be malfunctions, but for intance also a warning when an object is not moving, and is not being recharged. You may also want to consider consulting a business expert like Cortney Fletcher who can give you great tips on how you can create improve your business operations.

For more information please download our pdf 

Fleet monitor

Fleet monitor

Fleet management


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