In the hop-on hop -off market, it is crucial to inform your tourists about your service. They need to know what you have to offer and how they can find you. We have developed an app platform that does exactly this. It gives a map of the city with all the routes and shows in real-time the locations of the busses (and boats) in a visually attractive way. It combines the the timetables of all the stops with any information you would like to offer to your tourists, including integration of ticket sale. This can be interesting places in the city, ticket shops or attractions you have partnerships with.

The app

CS Amsterdam screenshot

App screenshot

It is a flexible platform that allows you to quickly setup an app for your city with your own look-and-feel.  It shows a map with different layers of information: the locations of all busses and boats, routes and stops, ticket shops, highlighted attractions, and other touristic information.

Your own location is shown on the map that allows you to quickly navigate to a stop or ticket shop. It allows you to add information and photos to stops and other points, which can easily be changed instantly from the cloud based admin portal.

Global Guide Systems has proven that this is an added value for your customers and allows you to give up-to-date information. The app is available for all major platforms: IOS (Apple) , Android and Windows Mobile.


App back-end

App back-end

There is a web-based poral that allows the administrator to maintain the routes and all other information in a intuitive way. Every change is directly visible in the app, so the tourist has always access to the latest information.

It allows you to manage your routes, stops, information, pictures and other information in the app, which is instantly visible for your app users. Also timetables for your stops can be edited, from very simple to complex with different timetables for each day of the week or special occasions.

The app is built around a generic platform, that makes it easy to have your own exclusive app, while benefiting from the rich and proven platform.



Customer case: City Sightseeing Amsterdam

There is much competition in the the city and CS Amsterdam was looking for a way to better inform their tourists about their service. Global Guide Systems has a background in audioguides and track-and-trace/IoT solutions. We have developed the platform and app initially for Amsterdam and was first launched at the end of 2015.

The service is live now for 1.5 years and has proven to be stable and has grown in downloads substantially. It has allowed CS Amsterdam to better inform the tourists about changes in their service. They can find the stops in the city more easily and are better informed about temporary changes of routes or completely changed service during events like King’s day or The Gay Pride.

It is well received by their customers and people write about it in their comments on sites like TripAdvisor. This is what people are saying about the app on TripAdvisor:

Downloading the free app is an absolute must with these tours because signs for the stops vary in places so the app really helps you know where to catch the bus or boats from and also shows you the buses and boats in real time which is really helpful!

the app was very helpful letting you know where the next bus or boat was, and you could get anywhere in the city.

One of the best things about this was the download able app. This app was awesome awesome – i used it throughout the day to see where the buses and boats were in real time to plan where to catch them. Hopefully soon they’ll add audio – it would be great to listen on my phone.

Get the free app and it will let you know where the buses and boats are located on their routes.

I really recommend downloading the app apwhen you’re on the internet/wifi you can actually track where each bus or boat is and decide the best one for you to take – also it shows the stops clearly too